Mini Ebooks

With Uncle John’s Facts to Go, you can always be sure to have the right reading material close at hand. Prepare for the day by reading our various trivia books during your commute, the perfect addition to a cup of coffee to get things going in the morning. Or, take us with you on a long trip to prevent those brain blockages that sometimes occur when you venture to new and exotic locations.

Here is what we have to offer in Uncle John’s Facts to Go series:

Uncle John's Facts to Go History MakersVolume 1: History Makers: Learn about the famous and infamous public figures and what they were up to that you might have missed in your average high school history lesson. We expose the truth, dating from ancient history all the way through to recent events.

Volume 2: UJTV: Read up on your favorite television stars and shows. Whether you indulge in reality TV or love oldies but goodies, we have plenty of quotes and behind-the-scenes info for your perusal.

Volume 3: Mad Science: Get the inside scoop on some of the most interesting inventions, unusual studies, and weird discoveries the science community has to offer.

Volume 4: Where’d That Come From?: Ever wanted to understand the reasons behind certain customs, words, superstitions, and more? Get the origins of some of our most unique behaviors here.

Volume 5: Playtime!: Want to know more about the Angry Birds fad? Ever thought about why we use dice and cards and boards of call kinds for games? Or do you want to get a more in-depth look into where today’s video games come from? Find it all with the Playtime! edition, full of brain trivia questions for even the most knowledgeable gamer.

Volume 6: Life is Strange: Tell us something we don’t know! Pulled from prior Bathroom Reader archives, this contains articles that even made us at the BRI scratch our heads. All the weird starts here.

Volume 7: Modern Mythology: The truth can be hard to find sometimes, especially in today’s age (they can’t put it on the Internet if it isn’t true, right?). Glean the real facts behind the tall tales of the day in Modern Mythology.

Volume 8: Fads & Fops: What was the deal with skinny jeans? And whoever thought parachute pants were a good idea? Find out the inside scoop on fashions, fads, and fops with Uncle John’s unique perspective.

Volume 9: Nice People: Uncle John always seeks to inspire and uplift, and he truly succeeds with these tales of good deeds and monumental acts of kindness.

Volume 10: Mouthing Off: Whether you want inspiration, a witty retort, or a sassy saying, these are some of the most quotable quotes around.

Volume 11: Bathroom Lore: Getting back to our roots, the BRI has released this compact authority, a trivia book on all things toilet-related.

Volume 12: Attack of the Foodies: Food articles new and old shine a light on some of the most delicious, disgusting, and unique culinary creations that mankind has managed to whip up.