Trivia Books for Kids

First launched in 2002, Uncle John’s For Kids Only! series was created to fulfill a new group’s hungry for knowledge and books of interesting facts: kids. From entertaining folks across the globe, along with providing daily fun facts, Uncle John has been providing interesting facts and activities meant to keep every child’s brain busy. Mom and Dad need not apply for reading these For Kids Only! facts and figures. Whether your kids love to read or just want something short and sweet to impress their friends, For Kids Only! has the kind of stuff they are interested in: pop culture, wacky science, humor, mythology, and even some stuff that might help them in history class. Here are just a few of our favorite titles; be sure to see the full list in our online store!

Uncle John’s Top Secret Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!: Prepare to see the “Keep Out” sign on your kid’s door as they prepare to fill their brain with weird superstitions, unusual legends, and even a few (harmless) pranks to try. Ever wondered to learn how to make edible glass or how to create a secret code? We’ve got all the answers right here.

Uncle John’s Flapjacks From Space: 36 Tear-Off Placemats For Kids Only!: Part of a series of kids’ placemats sets, make mealtime fun-time with these unique tear-offs. Keep the kids entertained while they eat with puzzles and brainteasers, and bond over funny jokes and weird facts.

Uncle John’s iFlush: Hurtling Thru History Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!: A new take on all things i-Related, a group of intrepid plumbers has created the Interpipe to allow for the free flow of information between sewer lines. In this edition, we go back in time to learn a great deal of interesting historical facts.

Uncle John’s KIDTOPIA Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!: Our award-winning edition full of kids-only jokes, tales, mazes, and puzzles, this particular volume is one of our best books of interesting facts for kids Winner of the Learning Magazine 2014 Teachers’ Choice for the Classroom Award for Children’s Books, the 2013 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Finalist in Young Reader: Nonfiction, and the 2012 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, Bronze in Juvenile Nonfiction Category.

Uncle John’s Did You Know? Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!: Hilarious illustrations and fun factoids just big enough to fill a byte-sized reading, we have organized this book into various categories so kids can pick and choose what they want to read about.

Check out more of our unique For Kids Only! eBooks and trivia books for kids in our online store and start your child down the path of loving to read.