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Vote For UJ’s in Brackets Daily “Best Bathroom Reading Material” Contest!

Brackets Daily – “365 days, 365 brackets” – has entered us in their current contest!

June is National Bathroom Reading Month. Here are 16 great things to read to help pass the time. Which of these would you most like to read?

Here’s a screen pic of the bracket (click to enlarge):

We talked to the admin over there…

Georgia High School Teacher Uses UJ’s Bathroom Reader as Bathroom Pass

We got this message from BRI fan Erin the other day:

I thought you might be entertained to hear: I am a high school teacher, and my bathroom pass is a copy of the 23rd Reader with a big post-it on the front- “Bathroom Pass- so at least I can learn something while I’m out of class.”

The kids were seriously weirded out at first, but they have come to love it!!! It helps me limit the number of kids out of the room and they’re learning the coolest things when they least expect it!!!!

She added:

I LOVE the way it has really got them learning the greatest little tidbits!!! I have some of my favorite pages bookmarked, too, so they have somewhere to start!! A good dozen of them are obsessed with the book now and flip through it when it’s not ‘in use’ ;););)

There is just no way to express how happy this makes us. You have made our day – and our decade – Erin! Thank you so much!

Oh yeah: We got Erin to send a pic:

So awesome.

P.S. Erin added:

Note From a Fan: Jack Tales

From our FaceBook page two days ago, from a recent contest winner:

I want to thank you guys for stirring an old memory, very precious and nearly forgotten. I was reading one of the free books you sent me not long ago (thanks again!), and found the story of the “Jack Tales”, the traditional southern storytelling folklore. My great-grandfather, who was born and raised in Georgia before the *other* turn of the century, used to tell me these stories around 40 years ago, and I might not have thought of them again if not for your book. As I read the article, I was able to read it in his voice mentally. I only wish I could remember all the different stories he told (I know there was one about an island). It really took me back and helped to keep his memory alive. Thank you so much!

Wes R.

Wes, we are so pleased to be able to light that wonderful memory for you, and thank you for thinking to tell us about it. Very nice of you!

The “Jack Tales” story Wes is talking about comes from our very latest annual – Uncle John’s Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader (page 388). Continue reading for the whole story.

Free National Park Week, 2013

An Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader PSA: Every National Park in the U.S. has free admission this coming week!

From our National Park Service:

Did you know that National Park Week is April 20-28, 2013?

Did you know that there are 401 national parks? That they include seashores, battlefields, historic homes, archeological sites, and spectacular natural areas?

Did you know there is at least one national park in every state? …

You can plan your visit by what you want to do, or where you want to go … or you can browse our event calendar and check out the special programs offered that week. Also, from Monday through Friday, April 22 to 26, every national park will have free admission!

Free admission—that’s a big savings if you go to a park with your family or a group of friends, just to note.

And if you need a bit of a guidebook—we have a whole book on National Parks! (No way! What a coincidence!)

Some of the scintillating subjects you’ll find in this volume:


Lee-hadies and juhhhh-hentlemen…


We had a contest the other dayYou had to guess the number between 0 and 100 that Uncle John picked! Two hundred and thirty-odd of you submitted entries! As per rules numbers 4, 5, and 6:

4. The five people who come THE CLOSEST to the number Uncle John picked will win ONE (1!) Uncle John Bathroom Reader books of their choosing. (Yeehaw!)

5. The person the VERY CLOSEST to the number Uncle John picked will win TWO (2!) books of their choosing. (Bazinga!)

6. The submitter who guesses THE EXACT NUMBER (gasp!) that Uncle John picked will win FIVE (5!) books of their choosing.

Drum roll please: