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Georgia High School Teacher Uses UJ’s Bathroom Reader as Bathroom Pass

We got this message from BRI fan Erin the other day:

I thought you might be entertained to hear: I am a high school teacher, and my bathroom pass is a copy of the 23rd Reader with a big post-it on the front- “Bathroom Pass- so at least I can learn something while I’m out of class.”

The kids were seriously weirded out at first, but they have come to love it!!! It helps me limit the number of kids out of the room and they’re learning the coolest things when they least expect it!!!!

She added:

I LOVE the way it has really got them learning the greatest little tidbits!!! I have some of my favorite pages bookmarked, too, so they have somewhere to start!! A good dozen of them are obsessed with the book now and flip through it when it’s not ‘in use’ ;););)

There is just no way to express how happy this makes us. You have made our day – and our decade – Erin! Thank you so much!

Oh yeah: We got Erin to send a pic:

So awesome.

P.S. Erin added:

A Kick-in-the-Pants Note From a Fan

Via private message on FaceBook, yesterday:

Oof, Carrie C., what a story. Sad—but with a happy ending! Hooray! It is so thoughtful of you to take the time to send us that note. We are truly touched. Thank you more than we can say – truly.

P.S. We asked Carrie exactly how she uses the Kindle to accommodate her impaired vision. We thought we’d pass it on in case it can help anybody else out there:

DIY Kid’s Dumpster-Dive Spaceship

Television station dumpster not included:

This DIY spaceship will fill any boy’s fantasy and can be made up from salvaged electronics. This particular one was constructed using a control board from a TV station dumpster. With a little creativity and some constructive ingenuity, the universe can be your playground.

They have a bunch of pics as the project progressed over at the link – here’s just one from near the end:

Omaha schoolgirl dresses as a different historical figure each day

We love this kid:

This is how Stella Ehrhart, age 8, decides what to wear for school.

She opens her closet. She opens her book, “100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century.” And she opens her mind.

Voilà, she is Billie Holiday, in a black dress with a red tissue-paper flower tucked into her strawberry-blond hair.

Behold, she is Grace Kelly in pink satin lace on her wedding day.

Poof, she is Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, wearing a hat her aunt got her in Vietnam.