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Citizen’s Radiation Reader (updated)

Citizen's Dosimeter

From our friends at the Department of Homeland Security – who in July of last year were awarded their very first patent:

No matter how many plastic cards currently crowd your wallet, one day you may wish to make room for one more. The Department of Homeland Security(DHS)’s Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) has developed a miniaturized version of a dosimeter, a portable device used for measuring exposure to ionizing radiation, which can provide life-saving early detection in the unlikely event of a nuclear accident or dirty bomb.

Tongue-Piercing Controls Wheelchair

Not in  a “Satan possessed my tongue-piercing and now controls my wheelchair through it!” way, but in a good way:

‘This device is a wheelchair steering “wheel” in the form of a dental retainer instrumented with sensors that are activated by a tongue piercing. Georgia Institute of Technology engineers devised the Tongue Drive System prototype for people with high-level spinal cord injuries.’