Sports Facts and Trivia

random trivia game and interesting triviaEver since we humans figured out our opposable thumbs, we have been engaged in competition. From wrestling and boxing to springing and long-distance running, the first sports played by humans mainly involved figuring out what exactly we were supposed to do with these four appendages strapped onto our torsos. Fast forward to today, and the sports we play have become more complicated, with a rich history full of interesting trivia.

If you’re a sports lover, then you’d like to think you know all there is. If you were to ever engage in a game of random sports trivia with your friends about the sport of your choice, you just know you would nail it. Down to all the random, sports facts there are, you are the expert in your field. Well, what if Uncle John told you there were some things you just didn’t know? That’s why we offer our various hilarious sports-themed Bathroom Readers.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Vroom!: A World of Motorized Marvels. If you prefer your athletes behind the wheel of a vehicle, then we have the collection for you. We’ll even throw in some tidbits about famous car chases of Hollywood and the daredevils who perform those death defying feats of wonder. Perfect for the automotive nut in your life, we even cover interesting facts about the most famous cars on the road.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Sports Spectacular. Amuse yourself and your buddies with these fascinating sports stories, ranging from weird happenings to unique folklore about your favorite teams. You can even liven up the party with our collection of odd bar sports – some to try, some to just chuckle at. Or, turn to our pages on mascots gone wild to hear some of the most outrageous tales in the industry.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Shoots and Scores. Our updated and revised tome is the ultimate guide for the avid (rabid?) hockey fan. Get plenty of interesting trivia you never knew about your favorite sport, from the real origins of the game to a breakdown of which hockey movies you should see, and which you should avoid. We’ll even recount some of the detailed conversations that legendary Patrick Roy has had with his goal posts. We have everything you have ever wanted to know about the “Coolest Game on Earth.”

Whether you are a die hard fan or just a dabbler, these special Bathroom Readers are sure to enrich your life and enhance your knowledge. Pick up a copy for yourself or for the sports fan in your life!