Uncle John’s Ogre Drool: 36 Tear-Off Placemats for Kids Only!

Product Description

From that master of reading mayhem, Uncle John, every page of Ogre Drool placemats for kids has been engineered to turn young eaters into readers! (Psst! Ogre Drool can grow young brains in classrooms, too!) Each Feed Your Brain placemat pad has its own wacky theme. What do kids find to engage their hungry minds in Ogre Drool?

Wacky Whazzits Brain Noodler
“It’s a Zoo” crossword
Critter matching and making
Ben Franklin’s asparagus pee test
How to make pepper float
A super slimy Ogre Drool Maze!

They also find jokes, fascinating factoids, riddles, and quotes that amaze and annoy table companions of all ages!

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