Uncle John’s iFlush: Hurtling Thru History Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!

Product Description

Fresh (or not so fresh) from swimming through the sewers of science, our charming host–Dwayne, the rat–hurtles into history for more Interpipe Adventures. What’s the Interpipe? We’re glad you asked! Copying how computers have been connected to form the Internet, four mad-scientist-plumbers (Plumb Bob, Phyllis Tanks, P. Liddy, and Portia Potty) linked the world’s sewer lines together to create the Interpipe. Next, the Four P’s created a waterproof device called the iSwirl that can be used to travel back in time with a mere flush of the toilet! Finally, Uncle John found a world-famous puzzle maker to chronicle every Interpipe adventure, and the rest is iFlush history!

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