Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids

Product Description

Packed with more than 300 pages, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids is a fact-a-palooza of obscure information. Like what, you ask? Here are just a few extraordinary examples:

  • Bats always turn left when they exit a cave.
  • In the 1960s, astronauts trained for moon voyages by walking on Hawaiian lava fields.
  • Lloyd’s of London insured Bruce Springsteen’s voice for 3.5 million English pounds.
  • Physician Amynthas of Alexandria, Greece, performed the first known nose job in the Third Century B.C.
  • Military toilet paper is printed in a camouflage design, since white could attract enemy fire.
  • Elvis Presley always wore a helmet when watching football on TV.
  • King Henry VIII’s ladies at court had a ration of one gallon of beer per day.
  • It takes the energy from 50 leaves on an apple tree to produce one ripe fruit.
  • The only country to host the Summer Olympics but not win a single gold medal was Canada, in 1976.

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