Pop Culture Facts and Trivia

“Pop culture” is the term used to describe those things that are just plain interesting and “popular” today. Worried that the term “popular” doesn’t apply to you? Don’t worry, it soon will when you get up to speed with our full collection of pop culture facts. Learn the answers to random interesting questions and get the facts you need to know to keep up with the cool kids at the party. Uncle John has your back with these pop culture compendiums and random funny anecdotes.

random interesting questions and quizzesUncle John’s Weird Weird World: Who, What, Where, When, and Wow! We’ve taken our best material from each of our publications and compiled it into the ultimate illustrated tome. From humorous anecdotes about your favorite public figures and places to trivia facts about TV, sports, history, and more, see it all in full color right here.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Robotica. Nothing is more popular than a good robot story. Learn more about these lovable, cuddly creatures in this collection of true stories and fun factoids. We’ll give you the answers to some of the most interesting facts about how robots factor into your daily life, and even how microscopic nanobots are being developed. Plus, what could be more interesting than a robotic suit controlled by a monkey?

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into Music. Ever wanted to learn more about the King? Of Rock’n’Roll, that is. Learn more about Elvis than you ever thought you wanted to know, then take a trip on over to Broadway to hear all about those catchy musicals. Want a quick brush up on what the various genres of the day are? Or how about where the idea of karaoke got started? We have all the facts, trivia, and stories you want about this universal language.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Tunes into TV. Nothing says “pop culture” quite like the television shows of the day. Increase your street cred by being able to inform people which television show did what gag first. Also, be prepared to memorize and recite the list of failed reality television series that never made it to the air – yes, in fact, some of them do get rejected for consumption by the American public. Who knew? Tune into this tome for these facts and more.

By the end of this series, you’ll be able to answer any number of random interesting questions and be the life of the party, all in just a few minutes of reading per day!