Nature Facts and Trivia

trivia quizzes and funny random factIf you’re a nature buff, then the Bathroom Readers’ Institute has the best resource for you. Take it on your next camping trip – it will be the perfect addition right next to the tree where you will be keeping your toilet paper roll, if you catch our drift. Get even more fun and interesting facts from our  various articles.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Nature Calls provides a plethora of unique trivia and nature facts about all things animals and all things related to the natural sciences. Were you aware that there are plants out there named Dracula orchids? Or that a hornywink actually is not something from the Harry Potter universe, but is actually a real thing in the world? We won’t tell you what – that is for you to discover and read about for yourself.

Within these 448 pages, you will find facts related to the outdoors, some of which will have you running forth through a field, arms spread open, ready to sing and explore the world around you. On the other hand, some facts may also have you locking the doors, turning on your air filters, and white knuckling it until the apocalypse wipes out all the strange, yucky things out there. And speaking of the apocalypse, this collection is full of information you might find useful in surviving it, such figuring out the difference between a mushroom and a toadstool.

If that simply isn’t enough for you, make sure you also stock up on funny random facts with our Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into the Universe tome. We’ll discuss why the planet Earth may in fact be going through menopause, why those seemingly defenseless animals actually aren’t so defenseless, and even give you insights into those high-flying clouds you like to envision as Scooby-Doo riding a bicycle. All of this information and more is available through our nature-themed Bathroom Readers