Humor eBooks

UJ EbooksIt has been three decades since the first Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader made a splash on the shelves of bookstores. Now, Portable Press is continuing this series of humor books, with more than 15 million copies in print. We have also released our trivia book in e-books and mini e-book format. Whether you want a book of fun facts or a tome full of brain-teasers, our e-books are the perfect way to ensure you have high-quality reading material on the go. Many of our titles can be found in e-book format, including many rare, out-of-print titles. Our humor e-books are available for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, making it easy to find the edition that works with your favored digital device. To purchase physical copies, please visit our store.

  • Annual Editions: Spanning from 1988 to today, these classic editions are full of unique articles running the gamut from science to history, quotes, and interesting factoids.
  • Facts and Trivia: Uncle John loves to plunge into unique topics and to traverse tricky trivia topics. With puzzle books, humor books, and more, get your fill of fun facts.
  • “FOR KIDS ONLY” Series: Started in 2002, our kids editions have become wildly popular for parents wanting to get their kids into reading. Uncle John makes learning fun with interesting puzzles, kid-friendly facts, and numerous activities to keep your child engaged in the fun of learning.
  • Regional Bathroom Readers: Ever wanted to know more about Canada? How about New Jersey or Ohio? What’s really up in the states on either coast? Read all about it with our regional readers.