History Facts and Trivia

history facts and triviaUncle John has been educating the public on all of those things you should just know for almost 30 years now. From weird history facts to fascinating forays into fiction, we now set our sights on history. Whether you want to test your history knowledge to see how well you paid attention in history class, or just want to know something unique about one of your favorite figures of a bygone era, we have the book for you.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Salutes the Armed Forces. Learn about the heroic men and women who defend the great United States. We have insights into all five branches, including Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army. Uncle John takes a look at how the draft has operated, what kinds of tests you must endure to join the special forces, and even a look at some of our favorite fictional military characters from television and cartoons.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into History. If you ever wanted a primer that would prepare you for the ultimate history facts quiz, look no further than this ultimate compendium. We go far beyond the materials taught in class to bring you two thousand years worth of weird and crazy history. Ever wanted to know where the concept of underwear got started? Was Abe Lincoln truly the fashion icon of his age? This and much more!

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into History Again. We just couldn’t resist a second crack at it. After all, your school’s history textbooks just leave so much to be desired. In this edition, we look at important topics like the horse’s role in history and what those frisky dictators got up to when it came time to procreate. Plus, if you ever wanted the juicy scoop about your favorite historical figure, dating back hundreds of years, it’s still not too late to catch up on the scandals and gossip of days gone by.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader History’s Lists. Your ultimate resource of obscure historical facts and figures awaits. Now complete with life lessons, like “Crime Doesn’t Pay” and “Hanging Out.”

Uncle John’s Political Briefs. Politics can often be controversial, but nothing brings the parties together like a well-timed dose of humor. Get the most outrageous statements from some of our most beloved public figures, as well as the witty retorts from the commentators who keep them in check. Also learn all about which entertainers became politicians, and how their careers progressed.

Uncle John strives to be your number one resource for random history trivia. Pick up one of these unique and exciting titles today to start learning more about the history they never taught you in school. We guarantee these books will have you in stitches, possibly with your family knocking on the door to see what’s taking so long!