Father’s Day Sale

Flush out of ideas for father’s day gifts?  Uncle John has you covered.  During this year’s special father’s day sale, the perfect gift for dad is easy to find.  Uncle John’s patented mix of humor, trivia, outrageous true stories, bizarre history, and quirky news items provides endless hours of throne room entertainment and the perfect solution to the age old question, “What should I get for father’s day?”

Father's Day Sale

With 30% off the entire store, and free shipping on orders over $35, Uncle John’s most exciting new releases, including Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Weird Inventions, and the 26th annual edition, Uncle John’s Perpetually Pleasing Bathroom Reader are more affordable than ever.  The only series of books sure to make your old man feel like king of the throne, these books are full of fascinating facts, gut-busting humor, and hilarious history.

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Take advantage of the sale to stock Dad’s library full of new releases.  What can go wrong in the hospital?  Find out in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Germophobia.  Full of the stories sure to make you take your vitamins and wear a helmet, this book is chocked full of “Dumb Doctors, Botched Operations, and All Manner of Bad Medicine.”

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Zipper AccidentsLove a good XYZ (Examine Your Zipper) moment?  Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Zipper Accidents is full of the embarrassing incidents and accidents that make for great stories.   From the politician who lost by one vote (his own) to the little math error that took down a spaceship, these stories aren’t just hilarious—they’re sidesplitting!

Nothing quite says “I love you, Dad,” like a book that is fun to read everywhere and anywhere.  With over twenty-six year’s experience in providing lit for the loo, Uncle John provides the unique gifts for dad that will keep him chortling, scratching his head, and yearning for more.

On sale from May 15–June 15, fine bathroom literature has never been more affordable.