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The Life of an Indian Ear Cleaner

Here’s a nicely made very short film we came across yesterday.

Uncle John sometimes wishes there was a guy like this on the streets of his little town:

This video shows how an ear cleaner leads a simple, honest and straightforward life in spite of many difficulties. An honest and humble, hard-working and simple man, he carries on an old tradition, while bringing on a meagre but respectfully-earned income for himself and a livelihood for his family, in Old Delhi, India.

Bear Grylls Sacked!

What?!? The Bear Grylls we’ve come to know and love wouldn’t take that! He’d rip one of his own bicuspids out, use it to remove one of his tibias, use the two to fashion a makeshift tomahawk—and hack his way out of that sack!

Oh, wait:

Bear Grylls sacked from Discovery Channel

Bear Grylls has been fired from the Discovery Channel.

The British television presenter began working with the network on TV series Man vs. Wild – where he is challenged to survive in difficult climates – in 2006, but following problems getting him to work on two unannounced projects, they have decided to terminate their contract with him.

Well then. He should still make that tomahawk. Could come  in handy when dealing with bill collectors!