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“The Simpsons” Springfield Based on Oregon’s!

Oregon for the win!

The creator of the iconic cartoon sitcom The Simpsons has finally revealed the inspiration behind the show’s fictional town of Springfield.

Matt Groening told Smithsonian magazine he based the town on Springfield, Oregon, but since it is such a common US place name he knew many would think it was their own Springfield.

The Springfield question is one of the best-kept secrets in TV history.

TV News Unfiltered: The C-SPAN Story

Brian LambYou may have heard in the news recently that Brian Lamb, founder and CEO of the groundbreaking TV news network, C-SPAN, is retiring after thirty-four years on the job. We told the story of how Lamb managed to get the network up and running, and how he made sure it was a truly independent news network  – really a heck of a story – in Uncle John’s TRIUMPHANT 20TH Bathroom Reader. (It’s on page 243 for those of you who already own the book.) We thought it would be a good time to roll it out on the blog. Here you go.


Next time you think there’s nothing on TV, remember Brian Lamb’s story and spend a few minutes watching his channel. What channel? Read on.

Mr. Lamb goes to Washington
During the Vietnam War, a young navy lieutenant from Indiana named Brian Lamb was assigned to the Pentagon press office to report troop deaths to the media. The amount of information either omitted or censored in order to paint a rosier picture of the war appalled him. “The government lied to us,” he later recalled. “We just weren’t getting the straight scoop.” During that time, Lamb also served as an aide in the Johnson White House. Once again he saw a huge gap between what the American people knew and what was really happening. “I got a firsthand education about how the media interacts with the government, and it led me to think that there could be a better way.” That better way was a news outlet that would report what was happening in politics—with two major differences: 1) no censorship from government; and 2) no commentary from media pundits.