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Know Your Rights!

Artists create things all the time. Here are some creators of well-known things who knew how to make a product people would love…but more about the business side than the people who negotiated their contracts. In short: They held on to the rights to something that only they knew would be worth a lot of […]

Ask Uncle John Anything: The White Glove Test

Uncle John knows pretty much everything—and if he doesn’t, he puts one of his many associates on the case. So go ahead, in the comments below the article, ask away.  Why do so many cartoon characters wear white gloves? Some things about cartoon characters just don’t make sense. Okay, beyond the fact that mice, rabbits, […]

TV Shows Without a Proper Finale

The final episodes of long-running TV shows can be major cultural events—the country just about shut down for the final chapters of Seinfeld, Cheers, and M*A*S*H, for example. But life isn’t fair, and neither is TV, when it comes to these iconic TV shows that didn’t get a proper sendoff. Law & Order For 20 […]

Muppet Origins

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…and check out these stories about how a bunch of those beloved Muppets were created. Cookie Monster In 1966, Muppets creator Jim Henson designed three monster puppets for use in a commercial for a snack product called Wheels, Crowns, and Flutes. Each puppet corresponded […]

You Got the Part…Never Mind!

Before Hollywood makes a movie, they’ve got to line up just the right actors for all the roles. Sometimes they think they’ve found somebody…but then change their minds. Here are some stars who landed a big gig, but then lost it for very odd reasons. Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth Banks has starred in a few major […]