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They Changed the Theme Song?

Theme songs are literally an introduction to a TV show. They set the tone, give a little information about the characters and plot…and then get stuck in your head forever. Several have become so ingrained in the collective consciousness that it’s been almost totally forgotten that they weren’t the series’ original theme songs.

When the Bandit Ruled the World

In 1977, the epic tale of a hero captivated audiences and found huge box office success. No, not Star Wars. We’re talking about Smokey and the Bandit. The Plot The plot of the movie may sound a little strange and dated to modern-day viewers. Two guys make a bet over whether or not the Bandit […]

The Wonder of Wonder Woman

The first-ever Wonder Woman movie is now in theaters. Here’s a look back at seven decades of the character’s rich history. The character of Wonder Woman, princess of the Amazons, debuted in comics in the 1941. She’s the creation of William Moulton Marston. Marston didn’t have a long background in comics. He was actually an […]