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When Your Favorite Team Almost Goes Away

Over the last two years, three NFL teams announced relocation plans: the St. Louis Rams returned to Los Angeles, the San Diego Chargers also went back to Los Angeles, and the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas. Before this, the last NFL team to move was the Houston Oilers, who left for Tennessee in 1997. […]

What’s a “Slalom” Anyway?

We heard a lot of these words thrown around during the Olympics, and we had to wonder—what do they actually mean? Curling This sport, originating in Scotland and dominated by Canadians, involves sliding a stone across ice toward a target while other players sweep the ice in front of the stone to help the stone […]

No Winter Olympics Here

The Winter Olympics are getting underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. There might be just a little bit of jealousy coming from these other cities, all of whom wanted to host the winter games…and didn’t get to. Winter and Summer Locations The first modern Olympics were held in 1896, but those were for “summer” sports. Things […]