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The One-Hit Wonders of the World Series

Millions have fantasized about being the hero of the World Series, like stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run. Here are some players who did just that—even though the rest of their professional baseball careers were otherwise unremarkable. • The 2016 World Series will go down in history as the one that […]

Temporarily Yours, Sports Fans

Major sports teams become such an entrenched part of a city and its identity that it’s a big deal when one of them up and moves to someplace else. Here are some teams that packed up and shipped out to greener pastures…but not for very long. Oklahoma City Hornets Among the widespread, devastating destruction to […]

The Most Dubious Records in Sports

Most points scored? More rebounds than anybody? That’s fine, but who got hit by a pitch the most? Brett Favre Brett Favre is a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, and he’s second on the all-time list in touchdown passes. But perhaps because he played a relatively long time—19 seasons in all—Favre also was intercepted […]

The Worst Baseball Players of All Time

You have to be a little good to even make it into the major leagues. But once you’re there…all bets are off. Marv Throneberry The 1969 World Series champion New York Mets were nicknamed the “Miracle Mets” because they’d had one terrible season after another up to that point. The franchise’s first year in existence, […]