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NBA Draft Busts

The NBA Draft just happened. Hopefully your favorite team didn’t make a decision that will land them in an article like this one someday. Ben Simmons—Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons, an Australian forward who played just one year at LSU—where he averaged 19 points and 12 rebounds a game—before he was drafted with the #1 pick […]

What Some NBA Teams Were Almost Called

Right now, the NBA Finals could’ve be a battle between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Presidents. Really! Go Presidents! “Cavaliers,” referring to the royal loyalists during the English Civil War, won a name-the-team poll in 1970 in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. Ironically, the pro-crown name beat out a pro-democratic name. One of the other […]

Weird Wrestlers

Professional wrestling is already pretty silly, with good guys and bad guys, over-the-top acting, and rigged matches. But the “sport” outdid itself when it introduced these really silly wrestling characters.