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Longest, Shortest, Youngest, Oldest NBA Coaches

We love making these lists of the tallest, smallest, oldest, and youngest players to ever play professional sports. Here are similarly interesting facts about some all-time record-breaking coaches from the NBA. Longest-serving coach with one team. In 1996, former San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors assistant coach Gregg Popovich got his first professional coaching […]

The Worst Teams in NFL History

The 2017 Cleveland Browns are about to make NFL history. No, not in a good way — they’re on track to become one of the few teams to ever rack up a completely winless season. In 2016, the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers ended a nearly 50-year sports championship drought in Cleveland. In football, however, the […]

The Worst Kickers in Football History

The sport is called “football,” even though only one player regularly actually kicks the ball: the kicker. Here are some guys who joined the NFL because of their kicks…but had a hard time kicking it. The extra point or “point after touchdown” is so named because it’s basically a free point. A team scores a […]

A Huge Page of Facts About Miniature Golf

Watch out for the windmill, don’t swing your club too hard, and enjoy this trivia about mini golf. Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews One of the oldest miniature golf courses in the world is located right next to one of the oldest and most storied regular golf courses in the world. At St. Andrews […]