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4 Unfortunate Sleep Disorders

How did you sleep last night? Let’s take a moment to reflect on the importance of sleep, the science of sleep…and all of the many ways that sleep doesn’t come so easily for a lot of people. Exploding Head Syndrome This hyperbolically named condition affects sleepers right as they’re falling asleep or who have just […]

So Long, Stephen Hawking

Sad news: Stephen Hawking, quite possibly the greatest scientist of our time and the smartest person on Earth has passed away at age 76. He’s been a public figure and popularizer of science for decades, but there’s still a lot about him that most people didn’t know. Field of Study Hawking was a “scientist” to […]

Strange Space Firsts

Neil Armstrong was the first person to step foot on the moon, and Russian dog Laika was the first animal in space. Big deal. First Cat in Space Seeking to catch up with the American and Soviet Union’s ambitious space programs, France sent the first cat into space in October 1963. But the chosen astro-kitty, […]