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Can Muggles Play Quidditch?

Even if you’ve never read J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books or seen the film adaptations, you’ve still probably heard of quidditch, the broomstick-brandishing sport that forms an integral part of her wizarding world. (This article was first published in Who Knew?) Not Just for Wizards In Rowling’s novels, it’s a sport that’s been played […]

The Super Bowl Blackout Was Staged!

These conspiracy theories that have actually spread around the internet are so goofy that we kind of wish they were true. Ted Cruz Several preposterous theories were posited during the 2016 presidential election about primary candidate Ted Cruz. Some people thought he was the infamous and uncaught Zodiac Killer who terrorized San Francisco in the […]

Does This Chicken Taste Like Toothpaste to You?

Most major companies first find success when one big product breaks through with customers. Then they try to expand their horizons (and profits) with “brand extensions.” Successful examples: Coca-Cola’s Diet Coke, or the Disney movie studio launching Disneyland. Unsuccessful examples: keep reading. Colgate The name “Colgate” probably makes most consumers think of toothpaste, which is […]

Let’s Play Some Video Game$$$

At the recently held consumer electronics show E3, Microsoft enraged cash-strapped gamers with an announcement that its latest system, the Xbox One X will cost nearly $500. That’s actually par for the course, because video games are two things: fun…and expensive. MAGNAVOX ODY$$EY The first widely available video game system in the U.S. came out […]