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How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here are some theories on how to be the best at the only game that matters. Psychological Factors Professor Zhijian Wang of Zhejiang University in China led a study that revealed psychological factors in how people play Rock, Paper, Scissors—which a competitor in the know could use to their advantage. The Zhejiang group discovered that […]

Superman Needs a Dummy

Everybody knows Superman can fly faster than a speeding bullet, and that Spider-Man can fling webs and crawl on them. But there are a lot of superheroes in the worlds of comic books and movies—and they can do a lot more than fly and crawl fast. SUPERMAN THE VENTRILOQUIST This particular Man of Steel power […]

Mario Is Not a Plumber!

…and other myths, legends, and rumors you probably believe about video games. Mario from Super Mario Bros. is a plumber. Mario is probably the most famous video game character of all time. Even the casual video game fan—or non-gamer—could identify what Mario does for a living when he isn’t saving the princess or racing go-karts. […]