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Save the Oyster, Drop a Toilet

Toilets: Is there anything they can’t do? New York Harbor doesn’t exactly have the reputation of being the cleanest body of water in the world. It borders the overpopulated, smoggy, Big Apple, and for decades has been besieged by pollutants and poor sewage management. You wouldn’t find much fish in there today, but even if […]

Notable Dads of the Animal Kingdom

Humans aren’t the only creatures with fathers, of course—we’re just the only ones with an official Father’s Day where we buy them gifts to thank them. Here are some other proud poppas from the realm of the animals. Seahorses It’s one of those well-known pieces of trivia that among seahorses it’s the males who bear […]

Animal Heroes

Be kind to animals—the life they save may be…yours. Captain Kangaroo In 2003 Leonard Richards, 52, was checking his Tanjil South, Australia, emu farm for storm damage when a tree branch came crashing down on his head and knocked him out. Luckily for Richards, Lulu, his pet kangaroo who “thinks she’s a dog,” was following […]