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Oh, Koko

Koko was probably the most famous real-life primate of all time. That’s because she was remarkable. Koko was a gorilla who learned to communicate with human beings through the use of sign language. Last week, Koko died at the age of 46—here’s a look back at her remarkable life. Birth Koko was specifically a western […]

Amazing Animal Records

The animal kingdom has its champions, too. A safari through YouTube’s wildlife clips reveals some fascinating and surprising records and some incredible footage from the wild world. (This article was first published in YouTube: World Records.) Monkey Business About 98 percent of their genome is identical to humans, so it is not surprising that chimpanzees are […]

Cool Cat Records

There is plenty of kitten action and a lot of celebrity cats on YouTube, but not many make the record books. Here’s a select few who are on the road to purr-fection. (This article was first published in YouTube: World Records.) Fluffy Sweater Alley, a stray cat, was adopted after she was found looking frail and nervous […]

Awwww, Interesting Facts About Puppies!

Who’s a good blog entry full of facts about puppies and dogs? These are! Yes they are! Puppies at Birth Puppies are born without teeth, sight, and hearing. (Those come at about two weeks old.) Nor can they regulate body temperature or know how to expel body waste. The first sense they develop is touch, […]

7 Interesting Facts About Pandas

Here is a celebration of one of the world’s most adorable, fascinating, and endangered creatures. Size In pictures and in videos—spending an afternoon in a panda wormhole on YouTube is a fine way to waste a few hours—pandas look like they’re about the size of a stuffed teddy bear, or a dog. They’re actually much […]