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One-Hit-Wonders Who Became Composers

Say you’re a musician and you work and toil for years and finally score a big hit song…but then you can’t ever manage another one. How to pay the bills? Write musical scores for film and television. Jay Ferguson Jay Ferguson is a double one-hit wonder. In 1968, his rock band spirit scored its only […]

Going Solo…And Going Nowhere Fast

How can you be a rock superstar and a one-hit-wonder at the same time? When you leave your successful group for a solo career…and it doesn’t work out. Nick Lachey There was a slew of “boy bands” in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. The one teeny bopper from the era who is still a […]

Songs Written By Unlikely Songwriters

Some musicians are so associated with a certain style of music, it’s hard to believe that they wrote these very out-of-character songs for other people. “Stand Back” Stevie Nicks took a break from Fleetwood Mac in the early ’80s to record some spooky folk pop by herself for a while. One of her biggest hits, […]

Behind the Album Cover

 You’ve probably stared at a few of these covers while you listened to the music with your headphones on and grooved, man. If you ever thought there was more than meets the eye to these pieces of classic album artwork…you were right. The one with the dancing witch and the dangling balls Just about everybody […]