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Why Do Ghosts Say Boo?

When out and about dealing with spooky ghosts this Halloween, you’ll likely hear a boo or two. Here’s why those spirits and sprites do boo they way they do. Full disclosure: None of us here at Bathroom Reader HQ have actually seen a ghost…let alone hear one. But in old books, movies, and TV shows, […]

Halloween Around the World

Here in the U.S., we dress up in costumes, beg for candy from our neighbors, and listen to “Monster Mash.” Here’s how the most spooktacular of holidays is celebrated around the globe. Great Britain The tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns came to America with immigrants from the British Isles. For as long as anyone can remember, […]

Happy (Awesome) Grandparents Day

The holiday honoring your parents’ parents falls on September 10. Here’s a look at some older folks who’ve made the news in some very quirky ways. Model Grandpa The fashion designer known professionally as Ms. Lv is a top up-and-comer in Chinese haute couture. But sales and attention really started growing after Ms. Lv’s fashion […]

5 Strange September Holidays to Celebrate

After Labor Day but before Columbus Day come all of these minor, made-up holidays and celebrations. Sept. 3: Skyscraper Day American architect Louis Sullivan led a revolution in construction: He was among the first to design skyscrapers. The development of cheap, readily available steel in the late 19th century allowed architects like Sullivan to create […]