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Famous and Exhumed

Because sometimes you have to go to extremes…to dig up the truth. Jesse James The crime spree of notorious Wild West criminal Jesse James was put to an end in 1882, when he was shot in the head by cohort Robert Ford, reportedly to collect the substantial bounty that was out on him. The shocking […]

We’re Gonna Need Another First Lady!

Here are  few stories of times that somebody other than the wife of the president has served as First Lady. Jefferson Martha Wayles Jefferson, the wife of third president Thomas Jefferson, died at age 33 in 1782—nearly 20 years before Jefferson took office in 1801. So, stepping in to take on the First Lady’s duties of […]

How Time Flies

It seems like some things are so far in the past, while others just happened a few days ago. Here’s are a few comparisons to show how tricky time can be, even in the world of pop culture. Will Smith After becoming a successful rapper while still a teenager in the ’80s, Will Smith turned […]