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So Long, Brookstone

It would seem that Brookstone itself could use a sit in one of its massage chairs about now. The mall store, famous for its expensive vibrating leather chairs and ever-changing assortment of wireless speakers and other gadgets has filed for bankruptcy and will close its stores. Here are some of the oddest items that the […]

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

We get a lot of letters here at BRI headquarters, and recently longtime reader Robert W. wrote in with a suggestion: Research, describe, and hopefully settle the most important issue of our time: Which is the “proper” way to load toilet paper—coming off the top, or the bottom? Aesthetics Whether you have the paper coming […]

Time to Powder Your Nose?

Here at BRI headquarters, we’re not all that ashamed to mention the bathroom, of course, but for hundreds of years, the more polite among us have used a number of euphemisms to refer to Uncle John’s favorite room. Here are the origins of the most famous ones. The powder room Today, liquid and powdered makeup […]

Scoobert-Doo, Where Are You?

Okay, they don’t have “real” names because they’re fictional characters. These are merely the full, given names of fictional individuals you may have known only by their nicknames that you didn’t know were their nicknames. Scoobert Of the Mystery Inc. gang on Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? the two most notable characters were known by nicknames. […]

Summertime, and the Myth Debunking is Easy

There are certain things we’ve been told our lives—and each successive year—about living it up in the summer. Uncle John took some time out of his busy seasonal schedule of grilling hot dogs and catching waves to hit you with some truth. There’s a surefire way to “relieve” a jellyfish sting Jellyfish are mysterious, hypnotic […]