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It’s a Monopoly!

There are a lot of laws around the world preventing one company from controlling the market for a single product…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen. ZIPPERS Are you wearing a zip-up sweatshirt or a pair of jeans? Look closely at the zipper (we’ll wait). It very likely has a small “YKK” embossed on […]

Cold and Flu Myths

It’s cold and flu season, so your head and nose are probably already clogged. Let us help you clear at least your brain by demystifying some commonly believed mistruths about colds and flus. Myth: You can catch a cold or the flu by going out in cold weather without a coat or hat, or with […]

Why Do Ghosts Say Boo?

When out and about dealing with spooky ghosts this Halloween, you’ll likely hear a boo or two. Here’s why those spirits and sprites do boo they way they do. Full disclosure: None of us here at Bathroom Reader HQ have actually seen a ghost…let alone hear one. But in old books, movies, and TV shows, […]

Destroy My Work When I’m Gone!

Uncle John would never destroy his own work—he just couldn’t do that to all those poor little fun facts. Maybe it’s just different with fiction, because these authors didn’t want their unfinished work released after their deaths, and they went to great lengths to make sure their wishes were honored. Edward Albee Acclaimed American playwright […]