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Fast Food (Abomi)Nations!

Today is Eat What You Want Day…but your doctor would probably advise you to skip most of these fast-food gut-bombs anyway. Sweet bird There’s more than one way to bread and fry a chicken. You can dredge pieces in flour, or corn flakes, for example. Or, you could go to Popeye’s and have some sweet […]

History and Origins of Burritos

Here’s a look into the history and origins of the lauded Mexican fast food item. A burrito is a Mexican or Mexican-inspired food, and since Spanish is the main language in that country, burrito is a Spanish word. It translates to English literally as “little donkey”—burro means donkey and the ito makes it diminutive. What’s […]

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Today is March 14, or “3/14,” which are the first three digits of that almost-magical ratio called pi. Sure, we could talk about math and circles…but looking up “pi” just made everyone here at the BRI hungry for “pie” (and pie facts). Origins of the Word What’s the origin of the word pie, to describe […]