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Happy World Sandwich Day!

There’s a “holiday” for anything and everything anymore, but the humble and wonderful sandwich is truly deserving of its own day. Here are some origins of some legendary ‘wiches. Elvis Sandwich One of those pieces of trivia everybody seems to know regards Elvis Presley’s affinity for peanut butter sandwiches. As a kid, he liked peanut […]

Weird Oreo News

It’s America’s favorite sandwich cookie, and it’s stayed the same for decades. Recently, however, Oreos seem to have gone a little mad. OREOOPS To generate press and differentiate itself over its competition, Nabisco has rolled out dozens of new Oreo flavors over the past couple of years, from Caramel Apple to Candy Corn to Swedish […]

Fast Food Firsts

Here’s to the pioneers behind some of the biggest innovations in American history: the people who made fast food what it is. First fast food restaurant The first to offer quick food on the go: A&W. Beginning in 1919 they served their draft root beer at a walk-up stand in Sacramento, California, and soon began […]

5 Really Weird Wines

Wine is usually just some fermented grape juice, but it could be just about anything. Wines are made out of sunflowers, strawberries…and this stuff, too, if you’re feeling adventurous.  Asparagus Wine Oceana County, Michigan, is the “Asparagus Capital of the World.” That means they’ve got a lot of the stalky green vegetable that makes urine […]

Science of Processed Foods

The science of how processed foods and consumer products are made is absolutely fascinating…and a little stomach-turning, too. Raisin the Steaks A number of tangy, Worcestershire sauce-like steak sauces, such as A1, contain raisin paste. That’s just dried grapes—raisins—mushed into a paste and mixed up with the other herbs, spices, and flavorings. It’s traditionally been […]