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Today is National Fried Chicken Day

Now there’s a holiday worth celebrating. Here’s a look back at what could be called the Golden Age of Fast Food Fried Chicken: the 1960s and ‘70s. Really. Nowadays, Kentucky Fried Chicken is just one of many fast food franchises on the culinary landscape, but the fact that it even has that many competitors is […]

Do Not Eat or Steal the Toe

Here’s the story of one of the most bizarre drinks in the world…and how its legacy may be threatened. If you ever find yourself in the Yukon town of Dawson City, one thing you simply must do, if you can stomach it, is head to the Downtown Hotel for a Sourtoe Cocktail. It’s a simple […]

How Sour Candy Works

It shouldn’t be so pleasurable but it is: That bizarre taste sensation of super-sour and super-sweet that comes with sour candy. Here’s the science behind how candy makes can make things taste so sour. The main supplier of sour kick: citric acid. It’s found in, well, citrus fruits: lemons, grapefruits, limes, and oranges, for example. […]