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Uncle John’s 25th Anniversary Giveaway

Here at the BRI, we are thrilled to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the greatest trivia series ever published. It is true that we love trivia and have some interesting discussions around the office. When we can’t agree on an answer, things can get a bit heated. (Who saw the picture of the head in our fridge that we posted on our Facebook page? That may, or may not, have been a former co-worker.)

The one thing that we will always agree on is that without our fans (hey, that’s you!) we wouldn’t be experiencing such amazing success. So, we want to thank you all for being fans by having a super easy, and extremely rewarding giveaway.

Entering is easy. Read more to find out how.

Caption Contest: Winners Announced!

Update: Winners have been announced!

Who doesn’t like to win cool stuff? (Uncle John’s Uncle Frank, that’s who. Last we heard he was living in a cabin with no electricity or water in the Canadian Rockies. Winning free stuff would mean his whereabouts would be known. I think we’ve said enough.)

Where were we? Oh yeah—the person who makes the most custard-sneezingly hilarious caption for this photo…

Weird Cat

…wins an Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader of their chooosing and…yes…the coveted UJBR T-shirt. (Not available anywhere but here as a prize! It’s almost cruel, isn’t it?!)


Ain’t she a beauty?