Trivia Lists

Uncle Johns Book of ListsLists serve many different functions in our lives: reminding us of our groceries, things we have to do, people we have to hug, and others to which we have to send anonymous pizzas that they did not order.

For the BRI, lists mean one thing: hilarity is to ensue. We love to bring you wacky information in a format that loans itself to humor, so we offer you top 10 trivia lists of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.

Here is just a sampling of the lists and topics we have to offer:

  • Food & Drink: Ever wondered about the majestic process through which your food gets digested? Or want to know what the most popular culinary delights in the world are? We rank them all for you in our food and drink lists. One of our favorites: “8 More Bits of Oscar Trivia”.
  • History: Whether it’s rating historical figures on the basis of their good looks or giving you random trivia facts about crazy past events, we have dug up the dirt in our history lists.
  • Music: We know you like to rank your favorite artists, songs, and albums – we do too! Now we have a whole different kind of ranking system for your favorite musical facts, with the BRI’s own music lists of all kinds.
  • Pop Culture: Have you ever wanted to know random funny interesting facts about Archie? Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite actors, actresses, movies, and TV shows? Not til you’ve read our comprehensive pop culture lists.
  • Sports: Nothing says competition like sports, and sports lists are no different: there are plenty of wacky facts and figures about athletes and games vying for first place on our various sports lists.
  • Nature: Perfect for the next time you are roughing it in the wilderness, our nature lists will provide you with plenty of useful information – or, at the very least, interesting things you can use to impress your fellow campers.
  • Science and Technology: What are the best innovations of our time? What are the most interesting discoveries science has ever made? Well, why don’t we list them out for you? Check them out in our science lists.
  • TV and Film: You love to rate your favorite TV shows and movies; so do we. We also love to rate the wacky facts, figures, and things you should know about those shows with our TV and film lists.

We think you get the picture! So check here for awesome lists of everything you ever – or never – wanted to know about your favorite subjects.