Random Trivia

Uncle John's Impossible Questions & Astounding AnswersHave you been an avid follower of Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers ever since its founding in 1987? Do you love all things trivia? Then you know that the Bathroom Readers Institute has fun, random trivia for you.

From questions about amusing factoids scattered throughout our regular publications to the tests posted on our blog to see if you were paying attention, we have the inquiries that are sure to stump and inspire you. Did you really think you knew all there is to know about your favorite celebrity? Are you really qualified to call yourself a history buff?

Find out these answers and more when you check your knowledge using our officially unofficial BRI quizzes. We’ll test your knowledge on funny trivia facts you have picked up throughout the ages (though don’t worry, we won’t make you tell us your real age).

If you truly want to put your knowledge to the test, your best bet is to pick up Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Impossible Questions and Astounding Answers.

Here is just a sampling of the kinds of questions you can quiz yourself and your friends on:

  • On which ship did the Pilgrims sail to the new world – AND – how do you think that ship probably smelled?
  • Who wrote the lyrics to the theme song for Star Trek? Why did this person originally write them?
  • Why does the Washington Monument measure 55’ long by 55’ wide by 555’ tall?

These answers and more are available at your fingertips in this fun compilation, which is available in both print and eBook format. Enjoy mind-bending questions and factoids about music, sports, science, history, pop culture, film, and more. We guarantee you’ll walk away knowing far more than when you started!

If that’s not enough, then be sure to stop by the BRI blog, where we offer quizzes regularly so you can keep testing your brain and expanding your mind (hopefully it doesn’t hurt too much!).

One of our favorite games to play is “Fact or Fake,” in which you get to pick which of the facts we’ve select is real and which is just a bunch of baloney. Here’s a clue: You probably won’t be able to guess based on sheer ridiculousness alone. As you’ve come to know and expect, the BRI is renowned for finding the most impossibly awesome facts available from anywhere!

We also love to test you with our Impossible Questions, positing a fun trivia query for you to contemplate and research for yourself, only to come back the next day and have your mind totally blown.

Be sure to check back regularly for the latest quizzes and questions. At the BRI, we’re on a mission to keep your mind sharp! (But not too sharp – that might hurt!)