Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, established in 1988, is celebrating more than 15 million books in print around the world. If you want to learn more about specific titles or editions, read on:

Uncle John's Canoramic Bathroom Reader

  • List of Titles: From collections of interesting articles to books filled with bare bones bathroom facts, you can find the full list of Bathroom Readers right here, representing the best humor books available for your next toilet time. You can start at the very beginning and work your way through chronologically, or pinpoint those topics that tantalize you the most.
  • eBooks: Some prefer the feel of paper, while others are more comfortable with the latest electronic device. While we might find eReaders a bit cold to the touch (and some of them have those sharp edges!), we have made many of our humor books available in eBook format for your enjoyment.
  • Mini eBooks: Enjoy our smaller and quicker trivia books with our Facts To Go series, ranging from crazy scientific discoveries to tales of heroism and bravery for a truly uplifting potty experience.
  • Kids’ Books: Give your child the best head start in toilet reading that you can with our trivia, activity, and eBooks for kids. Entice even the most reluctant readers to delve in, and feed your child’s curiosity with our Kids Only! Series.
  • Lists: Full of trivia and factoids and interesting things to know, our lists are fun and informative and just the right length for your bathroom reading trivia.
  • Fun Facts: The best trivia books contain weird funny facts that you never would have thought to even ask about. Check out our collection of interesting scientific and historical editions for facts both fun and mind-blowing.
  • Quizzes: Some like a good brain teaser while they wait for nature to run its course. Check out the latest quizzes to really stretch those mind muscles.

Whether you are in for a quick pit-stop or expect things to take a while, our readers are just the right length for any bathroom excursion. Uncle John has been producing the best humor books for bathroom trips for close to three decades, and each reader is full of quizzes, quotes, and articles specially formulated to keep you occupied for as long as you need.