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Happy Birthday, Arnold Layne

Today is the anniversary of the 1967 release of the very first song by the great British psychedlic-rock (and so much more) band, Pink Floyd. The song was Arnold Layne, written and sung by Syd Barret. It’s about a guy who steals women’s clothes from washing lines and wears them. He is unfortunately caught doing this, and “doors bang, chaingang.” Poor Arnold. Wikipedia has quite a bit of information on the song here.

Drunk in Road (Updated)

It was hard to believe that this story wasn’t a hoax, but it apparently is the real (weird) deal:

“Road safety chiefs have put up traffic signs warning motorists of drunks in the road in a bid to reduce accidents. Mayor Petru Antal ordered the signs – saying ‘Attention – Drunks’, complete with an image of a reveller on his knees with a bottle – after despairing of accident figures in Pecica, Romania.”

Report: Former Cypriot President’s Stolen Corpse Found

From the How Very, Very Strange drawer:

Police in Cyprus say they may have found the body of former President Tassos Papadopoulos, three months after it was snatched from its grave. Remains thought to be those of the ex-president were found at a Nicosia cemetery after a tip-off, police said. DNA tests will determine whether it was Mr Papadopoulos’ body, police on the Mediterranean island said. He was president from 2003 to February 2008 and died in December 2008. It is unclear why his body was stolen.

The original report can be found here.