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May 3 in NASCAR History: The Allison Crash

Today is the anniversary of the crash that changed NASCAR. It was 1987, and Bobby Allison was just twenty-two laps into a race at the great Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, when he blew a tire, went airborne at roughly 200 mph, and nearly went through the fence protecting the fans from the track. Several spectators were hurt, and the crash resulted in NASCAR beginning the era of the restrictor plate, slowing the racecars down on the big tracks like Talladega.

The video is guaranteed to give you chills:

Kangaroos in the Noos

News, we meant news. Anyhoo:

• “What is a kangaroo doing in the middle of the road in Bemidji, Minnesota in November?” Luke Havumaki said. (Uncle John said, “In November?”)

• Solving the mysteries of the elusive tree kangaroo. (With video.)

• A motorcycle rider was injured when he ran into a kanagroo. In Texas. (Texas, Asutralia.)

• Hankering for a new flavor potato chip? How about BBQ Kangaroo?

• The hunt for a phantom kangaroo…in Japan.

Kangaroo v. dingo.

Horny kangaroos!

Shark attacks kangaroo. (Whu-huh?)

• And, finally, more ocean-going kangaroos, with less shark.

Ancient Weapons Found in Melting Arctic Ice

We now bring you another exciting edition of As the World Melts:

A treasure trove of ancient weapons has emerged from melting ice patches in the Canadian Arctic, revealing hunting strategies thousands of years old.

The weapons, which include a 2,400-year-old spear throwing tools, a 1000-year-old ground squirrel snare, and bows and arrows dating back 850 years, have been found high in the remote Mackenzie Mountains, a region where Mountain Boreal caribou abound in the summer months.

Politalks: Gordon Brown and the “Bigoted Woman”

Woo hoo. This one’s a doozy. Like we said in the last post, we love politics. Especially this kind.

Setup: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, eight days out from an election in which Brown’s Labour Party is predicted to lose their majority for the first time since 1997, is out on the stump. He comes across one Mrs. Gillian Duffy, aged 65, on a Rochdale, England, street, who had just popped out for a loaf of bread.

He has a nice and seemingly substantive little chat with Mrs. Duffy, surrounded by reporters and cameras.

He says goodbye, and gets in his car…but his microphone was still on. And this conversation is soon played to the world: