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The Great Hockey FLUSH OFF

Looks like Uncle John’s going to have to get himself a ticket to Pittsburgh, PA:

The Pittsburgh Penguins are looking for 250 students to help with an important task and there’s only one major requirement: You must know how to flush a toilet.

Uncle John totally knows that!

Construction is near completion on the NHL team’s new arena, the Consol Energy Center. But like with any new arena or stadium, officials need to simultaneously flush all the toilets and urinals to make sure everything is working. The Penguins are calling the June 10 event the “Student Flush,” a spinoff of their popular ticketing program known as “Student Rush.”

And they can each take a copy of Uncle John’s Shoots and Scores Bathroom Reader with them when they…go! Woo hoo! Pittsburgh here we come!

This Week in Bathroom News

Someone wrote this bathroom-related story yesterday—and didn’t even mention the fact that the people involved are named “Mooney.” How lame is that? We would have never missed that.

You, too, can have your very own Bubble Wrap Bathroom.

Odor in the court!

Bathrooms…in Space. (Featuring Uncle John’s dream bathroom:)

Hotel bathrooms are going green. (No, that is not a guacamole joke…)