By the Writer

Sneak peak of our newest title: Can you spot it?

Yippee! We just received advance copies of the newest, greatest Big John. Can you spot the newest title in this shelf of books? Post your answer (title of book) on the blog/Facebook/Twitter. All correct answers will be entered in a random drawing to win your own advance copy of the book. You have till midnight tonight (9/28) to post your answer. We will reveal the cover design tomorrow.

And remember, the book will hit stores in November and it is never too early to pre-order.

Ledes We Love

Here’s another edition of “Ledes We Love,” accounts of openings to news stories that are so good you hardly have to read any further—but you’re going to. Because you must. Today’s entry:

Manitoban Janis Ollson and family are in magazine ads for the esteemed Mayo Clinic for a very good reason: she’s the first person surgeons cut in half, removed much of a cancerous midsection, then put back together with a happy ending.