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Headline Writing, Part Eleventy Million

There’s a headline over at GrindTV right now that says this:

“Marlin goes berserk, attacks press boat during Hawaii tournament”

We here at the BRI enjoy taking our luxury yachts on fishing trips to exotic locales around the world as much as anyone—but can you give a fish a break here? It had a hook in its face. Does reacting to that qualify as going “beserk,” and “attack[ing]” a boat? It may have just wanted to, you know, get the hook out of its face.

And now for some interesting internet comments…

Someone at Yahoo hit their head and put up a REALLY DUMB ARTICLE about “money habits” you didn’t know were illegal. Did you know, for instance, that it is illegal to lie on a home loan application? Of that you can’t make copies of U.S. currency? I know, it’s crazy!

Hey, it happens—but we still get to laugh at it. And read the comments. And there are over 4,700 of them. A few of our favorites:

These comments are way more interesting and accurate than the the stupid article.

I’m sure everyone that read this already knew you weren’t allowed to copy money. It is called “counterfeiting”, Marcie.

well no @#$% sherlock

Ohh.. Can’t I make my own money? *facepalm* -.-

Giveaway Time: Ready, Set, Go!

It’s been a few weeks since we introduced our brand new website, and we thought it was time to give you, our loyal fans, something to thank you for hanging around. So…it’s giveaway time! That’s right, five lucky fans will get 1 free book of their choice from our store, simply for being our readers! All you have to do to enter our giveaway is leave us a comment on THIS blog post, with the answer to this question: Do you fold or bunch your tp? Make sure you comment with a working email address so that we have a way to contact you if you win! (You can answer the question once per contest). Continue reading for 6 additional ways to win.

Thank You, C-SPAN

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Dang, it sure is a good thing that we have C-SPAN”? Well, it’s a good thing to remember that before 1979 we didn’t have anything like it—and it took one person, Brian Lamb, a lot of work over a lot of years to get it on the air. We wrote about it in Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Bathroom Reader (page 243). Here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Lamb goes to Washington
During the Vietnam War, a young navy lieutenant from Indiana named Brian Lamb was assigned to the Pentagon press office to report troop deaths to the media. The amount of information either omitted or censored in order to paint a rosier picture of the war appalled him. “The government lied to us,” he later recalled. “We just weren’t getting the straight scoop.”

During that time, Lamb also served as an aide in the Johnson White House. Once again he saw a huge gap between what the American people knew and what was really happening. “I got a firsthand education about how the media interacts with the government, and it led me to think that there could be a better way.”

That better way was a news outlet that would report what was happening in politics—with two major differences: 1) no censorship from government; and 2) no commentary from media pundits.