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TV Taught Me to Sue My Prom Date

These kids today! Things would be a lot better if they had those preachy ABC Afterschool Specials to give them a moral compass. Okay, none of that is true, but here are some of silliest, most over-the-top Afterschool Specials from the ‘70s, ’80, and ‘90s. Fast Forward In this very dark take on It’s a […]

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

We get a lot of letters here at BRI headquarters, and recently longtime reader Robert W. wrote in with a suggestion: Research, describe, and hopefully settle the most important issue of our time: Which is the “proper” way to load toilet paper—coming off the top, or the bottom? Aesthetics Whether you have the paper coming […]

Viva Le Tour de France!

July was a big month for French sports. Not only did France just win the World Cup, but they hosted another popular event in the Tour de France. Let’s cycle through some trivia about the biggest thing on two wheels. 21 stages The riders don’t race the whole thing all at once, because that would […]

The Curse of Honey Bears

The most famous “curse” in sports—the one that seemingly prevented the Chicago Cubs from winning a World Series in more than a century—has been lifted. Here are some other, lesser-known sports curses. The Curse of the Honey Bears Emboldened by the extreme popularity and success of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in the 1970s, many NFL […]