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State of Confusion

U.S. states have split up a few times in history—Kentucky and West Virginia broke away from Virginia, and Maine was once part of Massachusetts, for example. In the 200-plus years of American history, nearly every state has faced a similar “partition request,” or areas of the state that tried (and failed) to form a new […]

The Most Dubious Records in Sports

Most points scored? More rebounds than anybody? That’s fine, but who got hit by a pitch the most? Brett Favre Brett Favre is a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, and he’s second on the all-time list in touchdown passes. But perhaps because he played a relatively long time—19 seasons in all—Favre also was intercepted […]

It All Began With a Bank Commercial

The unlikely, common origin stories of two very different icons of American pop culture. “We’ve Only Just Begun” In 1970, California-based Crocker National Bank enlisted the help of San Francisco ad agency Hal Riney & Partners to increase the bank’s awareness with young adult customers. The agency hired the songwriting team of Roger Nichols and […]