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The Colorful Lives of Game Show Hosts

Come on down…and check out these stories about the off-stage lives of famous TV game show hosts. Bob Barker Longtime The Price is Right host Bob Barker is well known for his end-of-show sign-off, asking viewers “to help control the pet population and have your pets spayed or neutered.” Barker was an outspoken animal rights […]


Have you found the time this summer to get out to the woods and make yourself a s’more? In honor of National S’mores Day, here’s the story of how they were invented, along with some background on some of the essential ingredients for the mighty s’more. S’MORES It’s not like one person put chocolate and […]

So Long, Brookstone

It would seem that Brookstone itself could use a sit in one of its massage chairs about now. The mall store, famous for its expensive vibrating leather chairs and ever-changing assortment of wireless speakers and other gadgets has filed for bankruptcy and will close its stores. Here are some of the oddest items that the […]

Teams That Folded Before They Took the Field

Sports fans are used to their favorite team having ups and downs over the years. In a way, these teams never let their supporters down…because they fell apart before playing a single game. Basketball in Buffalo In 1949 the two most promising pro basketball leagues in America merged to become today’s NBA: the National Basketball […]