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Your Tax Dollars at Work

Sure, it stings to write a big check to the IRS every April, but that money goes to pay for schools, roads, bridges…and this stuff, too. An exhaustive history of smoking in Russia In 2015, the U.S. National Institutes of Health paid more than $48,000 to an individual to research and write an exhaustive history […]

8 Interesting Facts About Scrabble

On this day in 1899, a guy named Alfred Mosher Butts was born. What did he do? He invented Scrabble, the word-forming crossword-like board game that’s been extremely popular for more than 50 years. The Great Depression Butts came up with the basic idea for Scrabble—a board game where players took turns drawing letter tiles […]

A Message From the Past (And the Sea)

Sure, finding a message in a bottle is a rare, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Even better: finding the oldest ever message in a bottle. Wedge Island In January 2018, a Naceline, Australia, family named the Illmans (and some friends) took off for a beach trip in the western part of the country. They drove on the […]