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The Bathroom Readers’ Institute wants to make sure that each and every reader of an edition of Uncle John’s feels completely satisfied and fulfilled with each book we produce. If you’ve run into any problems while reading one of our books, or if you just have a general question, please take a look at these FAQ’s first. Then, give us a chance to offer our solutions by letting us be there to help you with any questions or concerns.

Where can I find your books?

Our books of trivia and funny interesting facts can be purchased right here on our website. Check out our store and see what kinds of sales and discounts we have available. In the U.S., the Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers are available for purchase at Barnes & Noble,, Costco, BJ’s, Sam’s club, Walmart, and local bookstores. Can’t find them? Mention it to your store of choice so they can start stocking our titles for your enjoyment!

Where can I buy your e-books for my e-reader?

Our e-books are available on our website, as well as from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other e-book retailers.

What do I do if I have questions about my order?

You can see your order status, shipping status, and projected arrival time via our Customer Service page, or you can email

How do I purchase your books in Canada?

Our books are available in Canada via our website or from Chapters. While we love our Canadian fans, we unfortunately cannot offer free shipping to Canada during our sales and promotions.

How do I purchase your books overseas?

To order for international shipping, please seek out our titles via,, or (E-Books). Unfortunately, we cannot ship to addresses outside the US or Canada from our own store.

Are you looking for writers or other help?

While we are always looking for funny interesting facts to share with the public, we are not currently hiring, but we are always accepting resumes should future opportunities arise. Please send a resume to Freelance contributors can also send a resume and original, unedited writing sample to the same email address, or via snail mail to

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How do I obtain permission to reprint information from your books?

Send a request to with a full explanation, including what you want to reprint, where you found it, deadlines, and how you intend to use the information.

So who is Uncle John anyway?

Please check out our About page for a complete answer, and for more information about the Bathroom Readers’ Institute, makers of the best online trivia games available.

Do you have an index?

We do have an index; it is only available to our writers and researchers.

Will you find a certain fact or date or phrase origin for me?

We will happily take article suggestions, which we ask that you send to us via email for our suggestion files. However, we unfortunately are unable to research each and every question that comes in, as we dedicate our resources to producing the volumes of books that our readers have come to love and anticipate.

How accurate are your facts? What sources do you use?

best online trivia games and funny interesting factsWe understand that you want your funny interesting facts to be as accurate as possible, which is why the writers and researchers at the BRI rely on the most accurate resources available. We use reputable newspapers, such as Wall Street Journal, Oregonian, and USA Today; magazines, like Time, National Geographic, and Newsweek; and numerous trivia, reference, and quotes books, among others. Any information taken from the Internet is carefully researched and verified before use. We also obtain suggestions from readers.

Note: While we strive to use the most reliable sources available, we are, unfortunately, not perfect (yet). While 99% of our resources tend to be accurate, they are occasionally wrong, and so are we. And, as time and scientific advancement march forward, what is often known as fact becomes fiction in a matter of years or months. We do the best we can with what we have.

How do I submit an idea, information, or a correction?

Submit all such information to Please provide all sources. If you have a correction, include the Bathroom Reader title name and page number, as well as a source to verify factual errors. We can issue corrections when we periodically reprint the books.