Bathroom Reader Trivia

Our crackpot staff works year-round to bring you as many Bathroom Readers as our publishing company will allow us to make. Today, with more than 15 million books in print, the movement begat by Uncle John is stronger than ever.

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A Brief History of the BRI

It was 1987. Uncle John found himself stranded on his throne with nothing to read. That’s when he came up with the idea to launch a series of trivia books specifically tailored toward his fellow bathroom readers. He gathered together the best trivia writers he could find and charged them with the task of combing the worlds of science, history, sports, politics, and pop culture to compile dozens of interesting articles that could be absorbed in just a few minutes. “Every article must be simple to read,” he told us, “and every page must either have an amazing fact or a good laugh—or both.” And with that, the Bathroom Readers’ Institute was born.

The first edition, simply titled Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, was released with little fanfare, but to Uncle John’s delight, people loved it…and they wanted more. So, the following year, the BRI released a second edition, and then one after that, and another, and another. In the early 2000s, when Uncle John decided to expand the line beyond those annual “Big John” editions, the series hit the big time. Now we have Bathroom Readers for kids, plus books that cover single subjects such as, hockey, history, US states, puzzles, baseball, music, Hollywood, nature, weird inventions, trivia quizzes, Canada and loads more.

Who are these warped minds who dedicate their lives to bringing you better bathroom reading?

The BRI consists of a small groups of trivia nuts, based in a little red house in the sleepy valley town of Ashland, Oregon. The team is working feverishly to bring you the very best bathroom reading in the world.