The Father of Noodles and Monster Trucks

Let’s take a look at all some guys in history who have been called the “father of” some notable innovation. The Yellow School Bus In the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, educator and writer Frank W. Cyr was one of the nation’s foremost experts on rural education, and how to properly school all those kids who […]

The 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

On behalf of dads and fathers everywhere—don’t get your pop another tie or some kind of golf-related item or barbecue accessory this Father’s Day. He hates wearing ties, and he has all the golf balls and novelty aprons he’s ever going to need. Let Uncle John help you pick out the perfect gift for Dad—a […]

Amazing Animal Records

The animal kingdom has its champions, too. A safari through YouTube’s wildlife clips reveals some fascinating and surprising records and some incredible footage from the wild world. (This article was first published in YouTube: World Records.) Monkey Business About 98 percent of their genome is identical to humans, so it is not surprising that chimpanzees are […]