What’s a ‘Snickers,’ Anyway?

How your favorite candies got their names. Kit Kat The current and most famous form of Kit Kat consists of a bar of four “fingers” of cookie wafers covered in chocolate. That’s a bit different from the first iteration of food sold under the name. The Kit-Cat Club was a place where late 1800s London […]

The Worst Kickers in Football History

The sport is called “football,” even though only one player regularly actually kicks the ball: the kicker. Here are some guys who joined the NFL because of their kicks…but had a hard time kicking it. The extra point or “point after touchdown” is so named because it’s basically a free point. A team scores a […]

A Huge Page of Facts About Miniature Golf

Watch out for the windmill, don’t swing your club too hard, and enjoy this trivia about mini golf. Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews One of the oldest miniature golf courses in the world is located right next to one of the oldest and most storied regular golf courses in the world. At St. Andrews […]

It’s In My Contract

Being a movie star is pretty sweet work if you can get. So are the perks. Roger Moore James Bond is a gentleman who enjoys gentlemanly things, such as martinis that are shaken instead of stirred. James Bond portrayer Roger Moore also liked the finer things – so much so that when he agreed to […]