Acting on a Political Impulse

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon lost her bid to become the next governor of New York, losing in a primary to incumbent Andrew Cuomo. She’s certainly not the first well-known actor to ever run for office. Shirley Temple Her heyday was the 1930s, but Shirley Temple arguably remains the most famous (and beloved) […]

Holy Weirdness, Batman!

September 15 was Batman Day, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the more bizarre and head-shaking moments in the long comic and cinematic history of The Caped Crusader, a.k.a. The Dark Knight, a.k.a. The World’s Greatest Detective, a.k.a. (spoiler alert) Bruce Wayne. What a bear! In a 1977 Batman comic book, […]

It’s “Time” for Some Word Origins

They’re terms we all use every day—so we thought we’d look into why people talk about the “time” and why they look it up on “clocks” and watches.” Time Proto-Indo-European is the common ancestral language of most European languages, and it had a word dimon, which meant “to divide.” Dimon to a form of time […]

These Silly Golf Gadgets Are Up to Par

Is there a golfer in your life? Then you know that the one things golfers love more than golf are silly golf gadgets and weird golf stuff. (Oh, and ugly plaid pants. Golfers, love those, too.) Potty Putter We don’t want to encourage doing anything to pass the time in the bathroom other that reading […]