Behind the Album Cover

 You’ve probably stared at a few of these covers while you listened to the music with your headphones on and grooved, man. If you ever thought there was more than meets the eye to these pieces of classic album artwork…you were right. The one with the dancing witch and the dangling balls Just about everybody […]

No Winter Olympics Here

The Winter Olympics are getting underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. There might be just a little bit of jealousy coming from these other cities, all of whom wanted to host the winter games…and didn’t get to. Winter and Summer Locations The first modern Olympics were held in 1896, but those were for “summer” sports. Things […]

Events You Won’t See at the Winter Olympics

Four Winter Olympic events will be contested for the first time at the 2018 games in Pyeongchang, South Korea: big air in snowboarding, big air in freestyle skiing, mass start speedskating, and mixed doubles curling. Not being contested: these sports, which have been discontinued or never approved by the IOC. Snowshoeing It’s like hiking…in incredibly […]

Failed TV Reboots

Everything old is new again—many TV shows are reboots of old hits, such as Will & Grace, Roseanne, American Idol, and Dynasty. Here’s a look at some attempted reboots of some old hits that never even made it to the idiot box. Murder, She Wrote In 2013, NBC announced that it was reviving Murder, She […]

Help Wanted, Milkmen Need Not Apply

If you’re looking for a job…you might want to avoid these fields. They pretty much don’t exist anymore. Milkman Why did the milkman go away? Because of more affordable, and subsequently commonplace, refrigeration. Now that most homes have a fridge, they can buy a gallon or two of milk and keep it fresh or a […]