Vote For UJ’s in Brackets Daily “Best Bathroom Reading Material” Contest!

NOTE: This contest is from 2013 and no longer exists. For more current bathroom reading information, visit our Home Page.


Brackets Daily – “365 days, 365 brackets” – has entered us in their current contest!

June is National Bathroom Reading Month. Here are 16 great things to read to help pass the time. Which of these would you most like to read?

Here’s a screen pic of the bracket (click to enlarge):

We talked to the admin over there – they thought “The Ultimate Bathroom Reader” was one of our competitors, and entered that, too. (It’s not. It’s one of our annuals!) Not only that—they put us in the first two spots.

You know what this means, right? It means we get both the #1 and #2 spots.

It’s like we won already. 

Now please go vote for Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader as “Best Bathroom Reading Material“! We started #1 and #2 – and we want to finish that way, too! (You have to log in – you can do it quickly through FaceBook.) Thank you!

* Here’s a link to the Brackets Daily FaceBook page.