Camel Tries to Eat Woman’s Head

You think we’re kidding? Ha!

That’s Juz, one half of Juz and Dave, the human forces behind the blog Our Naked Australia. Juz and Dave are on an adventure:

Neither of us had been on a decent holiday for at least 5 years and after a brief discussion, agreed that it was time to see and experience this country. We had a 75 Series Landcruiser Troopcarrier that was already decked out for when we go on camping trips, and figured that this would make a perfect mobile home.

It was then that we decided to embark on the greatest adventure of our lives and explore Our Naked Australia.

That was, as of today, 143 days ago. Bravo! Very inspiring!

The camel incident happened in March, on their excursion to the town of Bunbury, Western Australia, and then thirty kilometers north to the town of Harvey, where they visited a shop called HaVe Cheese:

They also offer ice cream, local produce like sauces, pickles and preserves, and if you truly love cheese, you can enrol in their cheese making course.  After our cheese tasting, we went outside to meet their camels.  Juz got a little bit too friendly with one of them.

Much too friendly:

The really amazing part: Juz was actually holding her cell phone—and took that shot herself! And she was just fine, as she explains it on Australia’s Today Show:

We’re very happy you came away your camel tasting (in reverse!) okay, Juz—and thank you very much to you and Dave for giving us permission to post these photos! Uncle John and the whole BRI gang wish you safe and adeventureful travels!

* * * * *

Bonus Camel Video: Camel kicks owner over bad food:

Video. (Note: Everyone in the video speaks Arabic. Except the camel. He speaks “kick.”)