Video: Incredible Rat Tricks

rat tricks

Nami and Pepper

The New York Post:

Oh, rats!

Abby Roeser rejected an “America’s Got Talent” invite to perform with her clever pets, citing their skittish behavior around new people and unfamiliar places. But that hasn’t stopped her or her rodents from scoring thousands of audience members online.

Roeser garnered more than 125,000 pageviews on her self-produced YouTube video of Nami (the white rat) and Pepper (the black rat) since uploading their special tricks in early March. The Philadelphia native’s wild success has prompted her to get two more rats. And she shows no signs of slowing her training down.

Abby is just 16 years old. And…we got ahold of her and asked if we could use pics from her rat-FaceBook page – and she said, “Absolutely!” (Thank you, Abby!). And she even sent us some extra pictures of her rats. Too nice.

On her rat training (from the Post story):

I’ve always trained my dog. Starting in fourth grade, I taught him tricks like paw and rollover. Eventually, his tricks progressed into more advanced things such as agility courses. When I bought my rats I knew that they were intelligent, so I wondered if they could learn tricks the same way my dog did. I was shocked, however, when they could learn things much faster than my dog ever did!

The rat-tastic video:

Those rat tricks are amazing. Those rats are smarter than some people we know! (The rescue from the hippo is killing us. And good video-making skills, too, Abby!)

A few more pics:

And a color version of that top pic:

Nami and Pepper


Thanks, again, Abby! Best of everything to you and your good critters!

• Found at A Patchy Place.